Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's Not Voodoo - It's BlogRush

Here's a free service that will help any blogger generate more traffic and readers for their blog using RSS technology and some other secret technology known only to the developers.

BlogRush promises to help bloggers receive “mass distribution” for their content across the Internet without spamming or abusing the internet or gaming Google.

It’s a completely FREE service. All you have to do is create your account, add your blog, create your widget, and post it on your blog. Then the viral process starts. Every time a page loads with your widget, the widget refreshes with 5 blog post titles, a link to the full post and blog. These blog links will be from related blogs across the BlogRush Network. Links are set to open in a new window so visitors are not taken away from your site.

According to developer John Reese: "This ‘process’ provides incredible LEVERAGE. You can have a blog that gets just 1 visitor a week, but if that next visitor happens to be someone with a blog that gets 25,000 visits a day, and they click your widget and sign up, you’ll start having your blog posts promoted over 25,000 TIMES A DAY. And that doesn’t even count all the potential “viral growth” that can then occur from that blog referring other blogs. It’s very, very powerful."

So what are you waiting for? Go over to BlogRush and get in on the action!

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