Friday, July 23, 2010

Fishzilla? Really??? What's really up with the Snakehead Fish?

Watch out! Now there's a fish that can breathe air and walk on land and he just might be coming out of the water to eat you! I'm talking about the Snakehead fish that is causing such a controversy and mass hysteria nowadays. It is one of the most googled search terms and stories about it abound. This fish is called a snakehead because some genius thought its head looks so much like a snake that it could be mistaken as one. I don't know, maybe its because I grew up with snakes but, it doesn't look much like one to me. National Geographic calls it "Fishzilla" in its documentary about the invasion of the species. Still, the name Fishzilla conjures up images of a big monster but the Snakehead only gets 2 to 3 feet long apparently. I guess the name refers to its status as a top level predator, meaning it has no natural enemies outside of its natural environment. Some scientists are debunking popular myths about the immediate crisis and its scary characteristics, indicating hysteria is simply not warranted.

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